How to become Insta-famous

Instagram is the go-to for a reason

Shout the loudest but always have something worth saying 🗣️
If you aren’t visible on Instagram, you pretty much don’t exist for a huge percentage of the population. In today’s fast-paced digital world, over 95 million new photos/videos are shared every day, each competing for attention. Capture it with quality.

Instant kudos & brand recognition 🙌
Brands that align with pre-vetted influencers who genuinely love their product succeed the best in this word-of-mouth social platform.

Inspire action 🏃
Reach and engage a relevant audience with authentic, relatable creatives whose followers actively look towards for product recommendations.

Case in Point

Promoting NIVEA Sun on Instagram

The NIVEA Sun campaign had a few different bursts of activation in Australia and New Zealand across a few month period in the months leading up to Summer. Vamp has a large variety of Australian and New Zealand influencers. NIVEA specifically wanted to engage family influencers and mummy bloggers to communicate the message that to start your sun protection you need to apply 7 teaspoons of NIVEA sunscreen SPF50+ every 2 hours. The NIVEA branded teaspoon they provided helped to visually convey this. NIVEA also utilised influencer produced vertical video in paid Instagram Stories advertisements. 

@nivea_au @nivea_nz #SunProtection #NIVEASun













38% of talent received a higher engagement rate on their NIVEA Sun posts to what they have received on their most recent non-sponsored content.

Relevance & Resonance
100% of the comments were positive
29% of comments was in relation to NIVEA, the teaspoon, or sun protection theme.

Vertical Video Ad Creation for Instagram Stories Ads

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