Facebook Content Marketing

Keep ’em coming 🙌

To keep seeing the likes and click-throughs flying in from customers, our Vamp Media offering takes your influencer produced creative further at a much more cost effective rate than anything you would have experienced so far.

Your customers are hungry for new content 🍔
Content marketing with high-performing creative via the Facebook Ad Manager is a highly targeted way to reach new people, re-engage existing customers, raise brand awareness, engagement and conversions.

A picture tells a thousand words 🖼️
Best practices for effective Facebook Ads are well branded visuals, carefully crafted creative and a story driven narrative – all delivered to a well targeted audience who the content will resonate most strongly with.

Don’t let good content die young 😎
Our content creators create amazing images or video to brief which your brand can either commission outside of social or re-purpose off the back of an influencer marketing campaign.

Plus we’ve got these bad boys 😎

Which powers us 💪 with best-in-class partner technology

Facebook Case Study

Beauty brand UV-iQ used the Vamp Media platform to amplify influencer produced content into Facebook and Instagram ads.

The results were impressively higher than what the brand had been seeing in their Facebook ads previously. It trumped the industry average for beauty brands too.

The Results

Show me the money 🤑



CPM (cost per 1,000 people reached)
$16.10 Facebook/Industry Average



CPE (cost per engagement)
$2 Facebook/Industry Average



Engagement Rate
0.98% Health & Beauty, Instagram Industry Average

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