“Genuinely, the Vamp x FuzeTea campaign was brilliant. The product was amazing, I also loved the creative freedom with the brief, allowing the product to be placed naturally within my style of content. The post went down really well, which is always so good to see. I cannot thank you enough to have worked on this campaign!”


UK Influencer

“Vamp is one of the best platforms I have worked with, absolutely love it.”


UK Influencer

“I’m really enjoying using Vamp it’s definitely one of the best influencer marketing platforms out there!”


UK Influencer

“I really enjoyed working with Vamp (as always)! It’s easy and fun to work with you. I appreciate your professionalism and really feel that both my time and work are valued. I don’t even bother using any other influencer app apart from Vamp anymore at the moment.”


UK Influencer

“Loved working with you on the Nude by Nature campaign. Product was sent out quickly. Prompt payment. Really lovely communication between Vamp and I!

Product was really nicely packaged. Mirror lids were hard to photograph and had to be careful of anything in the background of them. Product gave great coverage and went on really nicely.

Thank you for working with me and hope to work on another campaign for you soon!”


UK Influencer

“I’ve just started using the Vamp platform and I’m extremely happy with the interface and how the app works! Really excited to start working with it – just thought I’d pass that information along, as it’s probably the easiest influencer-brand app that I’ve used thus far. “


UK Influencer

“I’ve really enjoyed being part of the campaign and the experience. Genuinely working with Vamp has been the best experience I’ve had with any influencer platform, the communication with yourself and the flexibility have all been amazing.

The briefs provided and the requirements are so clear and helpful (unlike many similar platforms) and the product Rado have asked me to work with have fit perfectly with my style of content, so it’s felt rather seamless. That’s really important for me. I’ve enjoyed it and Rado’s been a great brand to be associated with.

I look forward to working with Vamp again for sure, the campaigns are just planned and managed so much better than elsewhere. (Naming no names. Ha.)”


UK Influencer

“The thing I like the most about Vamp is how easy it is to use and how everything you need for your campaign is all in one place and easy to access. For me, the most frustrating part about working on campaigns is usually the workflow process – but Vamp takes out all of the frustration. It’s streamlined, easy to use, and the Vamp team are super responsive and helpful. Plus the billing is worked right into the app! A total dream.”


US Influencer

“I just downloaded and signed up for Vamp. I will say it’s the easiest & most user friendly influencer platform I have seen so far.”


US Influencer

“Working with Vamp is a collaborative and exciting experience! The Vamp team is professional yet personal. We always have tons of fun together during the creative process.”


Asia Influencer

“Love the global network!”


Asia Influencer

“Vamp is so easy to work with!”


Asia Influencer

“Coolest. App. Ever.”


Asia Influencer

“I had the most amazing time collaborating with Vamp. You guys are the best agency out there, period!”


Australia Influencer

“I also just want to say thank you for your continually awesome communication. You guys always go above and beyond to make sure we know what’s going.”


Australia Influencer

“I’m so thrilled to be part of Vamp. Vamp is like my own personal assistance that connects influencers and brands in a very simple way.  Vamp takes care everything from brief to payment, and every step is very well managed. Through Vamp I can also find a lot of helpful tips to grow my audience and help me to create better content. The bit I like the most however, is that Vamp understands the hard work that influencers put into their content and help them to gain the credit they deserve.”


Australia Influencer

“Thank you! I seriously love Vamp and appreciate how simple and organised you guys make these collaborations!!”


Australia Influencer

“Before I discovered Vamp, I was essentially working on brand partnership as and when they approached me – I didn’t have the time to source my own work or negotiate terms.

Vamp was a godsend. It’s provided a user-friendly, fuss-free platform with access to incredible brand collaborations without the messy email trails.

Week after week, Vamp continues to deliver me with relevant and high-quality campaign opportunities and peace of mind from an invoicing perspective.

I also love that I have access to a wealth of education tools and that I am part of a community of passionate influencers who share a love for authentic storytelling.”


Australia Influencer

“Working with vamp is always incredible! I have used so many other websites and apps to create collaborations between myself and with other brands, and Vamp by far is the easiest, most honest and the most rewarding platform. It matches bloggers like myself with brands that I genuinely love, allowing for easy content creation on both ends. The girls behind Vamp are absolutely incredible and always on the ball with emails and text messages updating on exactly what is happening. No question is left unanswered and no problems are ever left unsolved.”


Australia Influencer

“I love working with you guys so much. You got me started on this amazing journey and I’m eternally grateful.”


Australia Influencer

“Thank you so so much for keeping me up to date. You guys are by far the most organised people I’ve worked with in regards to social media sponsored collaborations!


New Zealand Influencer