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How to become a Vamp influencer


Step 1:
Have you got high quality content on your social channels?

Step 2:
Do you have an established and engaged audience?

Step 3:
Download the Vamp app to apply to join and ensure your Instagram profile is switched to public.

Step 4:
We’ll let you know whether you have been invited to join our exclusive collective of influencers and content creators.

Step 5:
Once you’re in, you’ll start receiving opportunities to create content for some of the world’s best brands.

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Influencer benefits

Why become a Vamp influencer

Join the movers and shakers 🕺
Influencers on our platform receive exclusive briefs from Vamp on behalf of some seriously amazing brands.

DM us for a DMC 😄
Our friendly team are dedicated to making it easier for you to organise your influence, ensuring you always get paid quick smart for your work. At Vamp we always pay influencers for the work they do.

Hold all the aces ♠️
Once you are approved into the Vamp platform, you apply for the briefs you like and opt-in when it works for you.

Makers gonna make 🎨
We are proudly pro-influencer and give you full creative control over your content.

Enjoy the kudos 🤩
As a Vamp influencer, you are a member of an exclusive collective with a reputation for high quality and professionalism.

Influencers 😍 us

And we want to keep it that way!



“After finishing my first job with Vamp via their App, I found the whole process user friendly, convenient and very efficient. The easy to use App allowed me to fill in applications for briefs on-the-go and it was great to be able to tap in anytime or get instant notifications if my briefs had progressed/approved. Would highly recommend Vamp to any busy influencer on-the-go.”


April Cartwright

Influencer, @april__xing


As an influencer, Vamp provides me with a visually appealing, easy to use, streamlined way to work with, and create content for, premium brands. With everything taken care of including relationship management, product, deadlines and payments, I can focus on creating imagery for my audience. Vamp also opens doors to creative campaigns and brands that I may not have the individual opportunity to work with on a collaborative project, which is an added bonus in an ever growing Influencer market.


Ashleigh D’Mello

Influencer, @ashleighdmello

“I’m so thrilled to be part of Vamp. Vamp is like my own personal assistant that connects influencers and brands in a very simple way. Vamp takes care everything from brief to payment, and every step is very well managed. Through Vamp I can also find a lot of helpful tips to grow my audience and help me to create better content. The bit I like the most however, is that Vamp understands the hard work that influencers put into their content and helps them to gain the credit they deserve.

Dita Sherlock

Influencer, @sherlockdiary