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The Vamp platform is reserved for the crème de la crème.

A collective of social and influential content creators: the socialites, the modern day Hepburns and Grants. Vamp influencers are the movers and the shakers, those more concerned with setting trends than following them and are hand selected to join by invitation only.

Do you curate a lifestyle your audience covets through your creative and inspiring imagery? Have you built a loyal and highly engaged following on Instagram?

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Your personal assistant 🙌

Vamp helps organise your influence so you can create great content for some of the world’s best brands.

Specially designed with influencers in mind, the Vamp App helps you to spend less time on boring admin and more time on what you do best – creating incredible content and building your community.

  • Briefs are on an opt in basis. Remain fearlessly authentic by only selecting the briefs you like
  • Receive notifications when you receive a brief so you don’t miss out on opportunities
  • Review reminders of brief handles, hashtags & brief info at any time
  • Keep all campaign briefs in one place
  • Send invoices with one click to get rewarded quickly
  • Track your brief & invoice history
  • Chat to our friendly team on Vamp chat

FAQs 🤔

What should I expect once I have been accepted into Vamp?

Whoop whoop! You are one of the few that have made the cut. You should start seeing campaign briefs come through. Simply click through and apply to briefs that ring true to your aesthetic and style. Make sure your notifications are on as these will tell you when a new brief is available, if you have been selected and any next steps within the campaign. The App also shows you which campaigns you have applied to, their status and which you have been selected for.

Do your influencers sign contracts?

Noway hosay. If you are an influencer working with Vamp you do not sign any contracts however you do agree to Vamp’s T&Cs when applying for campaigns.

Do you direct influencers on how to post?

Nope. Vamp provides the brand handle and hashtag requirements for the campaign. The rest is up to our influencers. We ensure our influencers have full creative control of the content they create.

Work hard, play hard 💃🏻

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