“Vamp are our go-to for influencer marketing. Their response to brief is not only always on the mark, but they continually go above and beyond, coming up with bigger ideas that still fit the brief and the budget. They are extremely process driven and therefore always hit deadlines & timelines. I have never worked with an agency who is so organised, puts the client first and keeps all parties continually informed and up to date with all activity.

Their talent is INCREDIBLE. They only put Influencers who are talented content creators forward and therefore the content that is received is always high quality, well thought out and artistically shot. It is on-par with what creative agencies can develop.

Vamp’s people make working with them so pleasant and a breeze. They take care of everything from start to finish, are extremely accommodating should anything need to change mid-campaign and are friendly and professional.

Choosing talent and tracking talent’s results are extremely easy due to their online system which can be shared to clients as well who want to see real time activity and share amongst their organisation.

Vamp as an agency have just gone above and beyond what Influencer agencies typically provide. Not only as an agency are we happy to work with them, but our clients have been beyond thrilled with the results and their process, even signing up to do more work with Vamp after one campaign has finished and other markets asking to use their content.”

Caitlin O’Malley

Social Strategist, Blue 449

Regarding UV-iQ campaign and subsequent Facebook ads:

“The content was authentic and aspirational – the influencers were able to tell a product story in a natural setting, demonstrating where and how it could be used as part of their everyday life. “The results from the UV-iQ video far exceeded our expectations.

We were able to reach a desired audience through very little ad spend. Through this campaign and others, we’ve noted that the aspirational nature of influencer content produces the greatest engagement. Influencers are great content creators. They provide a fresh perspective with each interpreting the product and brief in their own individual way.”

Grace Andrews

Communications Executive, Vitality Brands

“If you are looking for a creative and responsive influencer agency that sets attainable, realistic, yet impressive success metrics upfront, does not require daily micromanagement, delivers actual business results; and works with content creators to produce high-engaging assets – then look no further than Vamp.”

Rosalie Odtojan

Social Media Specialist, Vizeum Sydney


“As a lean marketing team across the APAC region, it was important for us to look for a scalable way to effectively and efficiently work with a diverse group of influencers to support the awareness of and engagement with Lightroom CC.

Not only were we able to generate a significant amount of inspirational content, but we were able to generate invaluable tutorials that proved to drive active use within the Lightroom app. Beyond creating awareness this significantly helped support our retention efforts. And it’s not over.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be using the content to help convert ‘trialists’ to purchases on the Lightroom product page. Without Vamp, we would not have been able to reach the quality and number of influencers that we have. Nor could we generate such powerful impact and ultimately support the uptake and use of Lightroom that we have through this campaign”.

Paulie Linton

Head Of Social APAC, Adobe

“The Vamp influencer campaign provided a fantastic platform to communicate the launch of the National Geographic App by working with talent strongly aligned to National Geographic’s thirst for exploration and adventure. Using influencers to drive reach allowed for a more organic way of reaching an audiences already likely to have an affinity to National Geographic and engage with at least one of our platforms ie magazine, website, social media, channel. The talent’s passion within these areas allowed them to produce bespoke content with a storytelling element that gave a glimpse into what is on offer as part of the app.”

Lauren Phelan

Marketing & Communications Manager, National Geographic Australia

“We’ve worked with Vamp on a number of campaigns at The Urban List and have found their platform to be a great extension of our sales offering in accessing influencers at scale. We hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to content creation and we have been really pleased to work with another company who prides themselves on their content as much as we do.”

Daniel Harris

Director, Sales & Partnership NSW, The Urban List

“While the Vamp influencer marketing campaign was live, Hackett saw an uplift in sales month on month in retail and online across the collection in the UK, FR, DE and ES.”

Charlotte Grace

Global PR Manager, Hackett

It was a pleasure to work with Vamp on this campaign for ZenBook. Their team and technology made it a smooth process from start to finish, we were kept updated throughout and it was exciting to see the content their incredible pool of talent were creating. It delivered on two counts, impressive reach through the influencers communities – and a collection of authentic assets that were of such a high-quality, we were able to reuse them in our own channels.”

Ahmed Gowda

Brand and Digital Manager, ASUS Middle East

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Vamp on one of our recent campaigns. From the get-go, the team fully immersed themselves in our vision and campaign objectives, working closely with us to bring it to life within a tight timeframe. What could have been a stressful process was instead a collaborative and enjoyable one! Each member brought new and creative ideas to the table, with no challenge ever being too hard to tackle.

It’s an amazing thing to find a team that loves your brand and campaign as their own – and Vamp has truly hit the mark here. We are excited about the success we have seen and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Gloria Chia

Social Media & Influencer Marketing Manager, Nude by Nature

I’ve been working with Vamp since day dot and they have been the perfect influencer agency for ASOS. They meet every requirement of the brief and are always going the extra mile to ensure we are sourcing the right talent to produce content that is right for our brand. Vamp have also been incredible at thinking of different and more creative ways to surface content not only on influencer channels, but also creating content that can live on our channels. They are such kind, warming people who I thoroughly enjoy working with!”

Madeline White

Social Media Manager, ASOS

“Vamp have been instrumental in bringing our campaigns to life. From step A to Z, every guideline on the brief is met and we can always trust that we’ll receive incredible content. Such a great team to work with and we’re excited to collaborate again in the future.”

Rachel Cai

Digital Marketing & Social Media Coordinator, Superdry