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Why brands 😍 Vamp

1) Full-service

From briefing, to talent recruitment, product shipment, usage rights and campaign management – we take care of all aspects of campaign management to ensure everything runs smoothly.

2) Creative strategy

Unlocking our expertise, we help you plan your influencer activations for one-offs and in the long-term. We’re creative thinkers and help keep you ahead of the curve by integrating the latest advertising industry updates into our service.

3) Fixed pricing

All of our pricing is up-front and there aren’t any hidden costs so you know exactly what to budget for. We work with you to achieve the best outcome for your campaign.

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Vamp on one of our recent campaigns. From the get-go, the team fully immersed themselves in our vision and campaign objectives, working closely with us to bring it to life within a tight timeframe.”

Gloria Chia

Social Media & Influencer Marketing Manager, Nude by Nature

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Why agencies 😍 Vamp

1) We save you precious time and money

In today’s advertising world, agencies are expected to do more than ever before. Often our agencies find it ends up costing more in time and resources to run effective influencer marketing campaigns in-house than it does to out-source. Vamp’s process is designed to make it easier for time poor agencies to please their clients with influencer activity that works.

2) We take a holistic approach

We understand that an influencer marketing campaign might be a segment of a wider advertising campaign our agencies are running on their client’s behalf. We give regular updates, comprehensive reporting and work with you to ensure the influencer spend is pulling its weight to boost the success of your wider advertising campaign.

3) We can be your silent partner 

It’s up to you if you want to disclose to your clients that you’re out-sourcing your influencer marketing campaign with Vamp. Our platform is yours to white label.

“Vamp as an agency have just gone above and beyond what Influencer agencies typically provide. Not only as an agency are we happy to work with them, but our clients have been beyond thrilled with the results and their process, even signing up to do more work with Vamp after one campaign has finished and other markets asking to use their content.”

Caitlin O’Malley

Social Strategist, Blue 449

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