Influencer marketing

Original content shared with engaged audiences

Boost sales and brand awareness by putting your products in the hands of our approved influencers. They create authentic content that cuts through the noise, resonating with their loyal audiences when shared on social media.


Assets are so high-quality, our clients have reused them in ads, ecommerce and OOH.

Boosted posts

Extend the reach of your campaign content

Take your results further and boost influencer Instagram posts and Stories. Posts will appear native, with the original content, caption and influencer handle, but can be targeted with precision. Reach specific audiences, age ranges and locations.


Impact custom audiences, beyond an influencer’s followers, with the same captivating content.

Content creation

Scalable ads that resonate

Fuel your marketing channels with bespoke mobile content from our creative community. Access them raw, or allow Vamp to transform them into ads, optimised with animation and sound proven to boost their performance.


High-quality content, delivered to brief, from our trusted creators.

Ads & paid media

Targeted amplification of influencer content

We have achieved phenomenal return on ad spend for our clients, using influencer-generated content in strategic social media campaigns


Reach your customers where they are, capture their attention and drive them to action.

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