Say goodbye to spreadsheets

You’re busy. You need a platform that takes the guess work – and the leg work – out of influencer marketing campaigns. We have that platform.


We also have a fully vetted creator community, tools that make briefing and managing influencers a breeze and verified performance data so you can track your beautifully effective campaigns in real time.

Vamp influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

Boost sales and brand awareness by putting your products in the hands of our invite-only community.

They create authentic content across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube that engages 10x higher than industry average.

Vamp boosted posts

Boosted posts

Drive sales by targeting specific demographics with boosted influencer posts.

These posts appear native, with the original content, caption and handle and have achieved up to 113x ROAS for our clients.

Content creation

Fuel your marketing channels with beautiful, bespoke content from our talented creators.

Access assets raw, or allow Vamp to transform them into ads, optimised with animation and sound proven to boost their performance.

Vamp ads and paid media global ROAS

Ads & paid media

Drive your customers to action with paid media that boosts sales, app downloads or awareness.

Our platform generated 43x return on ad spend for West Elm with this strategy – and won a Facebook innovation award.

Vamp test your budget tool

Test your budget

Discover what content and results you can get for your money with our free-to-use quote tool.

Enter your budget and desired audience and we’ll show you the estimated outcome. See results for reach, cost per engagement and impressions.

The old way

The Vamp way

Lengthy fee negotiations

Dynamic haggle-free pricing

Unpredictable creators, unreliable quality

Vetted creators and content approval

Trawling social platforms to recruit talent

AI persona matching to meet your needs

Management admin prevents scale

Automatic payouts and easy chat function

Difficult to measure impact and ROI

Clear ROI that beats industry benchmarks

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