Introducing the Branded Content tool

Amplifying your content on Instagram

Brands can turn organic Paid Partnership posts into paid Branded Content ads – if the creator gives permission to the brand.

  1. Creator uploads a piece of content, requests use of the brand’s Paid Partnership tag and gives the brand permission to promote it.
  2. The brand approves the creators request.
  3. The creator uploads the organic post, with the Paid Partnership tag displayed.
  4. The brand can choose to turn that organic post into

How creators tag brands in Paid Partnerships

Creators must tag the brand as business partner to enable Branded Content

Step 1: Navigate to ‘advanced settings’

When you’re ready to upload your new post to Instagram, open up your ‘advanced settings’.

Step 2: Find and tag the brand

Within the ‘Branded Content’ section, select ‘Tag business partner’. In the search box, type the name of the brand you are collaborating with, then select them.

The brand may need to review and approve this tag. Once they have, you’ll see their name displayed within your advanced settings.

Step 3: Enable promotion

Finally, toggle the ‘Allow business partner to promote’ option to green.


This will allow the brand you are collaborating with to turn your post into a Branded Content ad.

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