Introducing the Branded Content tool

Where beautiful content meets strategic targeting

Instagram’s Paid Partnership tag adds transparency to sponsored content and gives brands the same access to insights on tagged posts as the influencer has. Brands can see how the post they paid for is performing in real time.


It was already an exciting tool for marketers. Then, Instagram turned it up a notch.


Now, brands can now turn organic Paid Partnership posts into paid Branded Content ads. That means you can amplify beautiful influencer content using Facebook’s sophisticated ad-targeting tools – and retain all of that great performance data.

Allow creators to tag you in Paid Partnerships

The first step in creating Branded Content ad is approving creator’s tags

Option 1: Approve individual tags

Instagram’s default setting requires approval every time someone tags you as a business partner. So when a creator tags you, you’ll get a notification in the usual place.


Once you have approved this, the Paid Partnership tag is displayed on the influencer’s post.

Option 2: Automatically approve all

If you don’t want to approve individual accounts, you can toggle require approvals to off. This means anyone can tag you in a Paid Partnership.


If a creator who is not a partner tags you in a paid partnership, you can remove this tag when you receive the notification.

View insights and amplify

When the creator posts with the Paid Partnership tag, you will be able to access the insight from the post.
From notifications, tap the post and ‘View insights’.


You can use this performance data to help you decide which assets to transform into Branded Content ads.
That next part of the process is done within your Facebook ads manager.

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