July Influencer of the month @ricejasminee

Let’s get to know @ricejasminee. Our July influencer of the month is based in Singapore and has worked on campaigns with ASUS, KIOXIA, Sennheiser and Club Med. We caught up with Jasmine to find out her best tips for creating IGTVs, editing her content and top shoot destinations around the globe.


Tell us how you shoot your content and curate your beautifully warm-toned feed.

During shoots, I try to find backgrounds that have neutral colours that suit my current feed – nothing too striking. I will always take close up shots and full length shots of my outfits, so I have more choices for my carousel albums. I also tend to take photos in daylight, as I find the natural lighting and shadows make my images look more professional, especially when collated together on the feed.


What are your best tips for organising Story Highlights? 

Naming your highlights a relevant title is important, as your audience will want to know exactly what they’re about to watch before clicking through. I also avoid highlighting anything and everything. Just topics that I know will be useful for my followers to watch.


What software or apps do you use to edit your content and do you have any editing tips for other creatives?

I use my own Lightroom preset to keep a consistent feed. The adjustment brush on Lightroom is one of my favourite tools to use. It brings more light and colour to the main subject of an image, which helps draw more attention to it. Alternating the size of the subject in each photo also helps to keep a more balanced feed. Speaking of feeds, I plan mine with the Preview app.

I like to keep my videos bite sized, as viewers tend to have a short attention span. To create engaging videos, use great background music and add subtitles for the people who aren’t watching with sound.

Your audience seems to really engage with your IGTVs. What are your best tips for a beginner IGTV user?

You might be surprised to hear that I only use my phone, a tripod and the InShot app to shoot and edit all my IGTVs! I like to keep my videos bite sized, as viewers tend to have a short attention span. To help create engaging videos for these viewers, use great background music and add subtitles for the people who aren’t watching with sound. I find these help the most to hold viewers attention.

What’s your top community engagement tip for other creators?

I like to hold Q&As on my profile to engage with my community. I’ll usually do them on my Story when I’m feeling confident about a certain topic or feel like there’s a need to address something. This helps me connect with my followers and build up relationships. Ideally, I like to do these twice a month.


You’re always shooting in new and exciting locations. What are your top three shoot locations and why?

#1 Singapore Botanic Gardens for the beautiful floral scenery

#2 Katong, Singapore for the beautiful Peranakan houses

#3 And India or Bali for the cutest cafes!


What is your all-time best performing post on your feed, and why do you think that is? 

It would have to be this image. It was a trend during lockdown which is why I believe it gained so much traction on my feed. I also think its just super cute and creative, which is the type of content that works well with my audience.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your blog, and when you started it?

My blog is a work-in-progress. I started it early this year to pen down more of my travel tips and experiences on the many different countries I’ve visited. I also share fashion and beauty articles, but I plan to focus my energy on travel-related topics. I can provide the most informative tips about travel to my readers, so I want to use my strengths to share engaging blog content.


Quick fire round. Right now I am….

Listening to: Olivia Herdt – Strawberry Kisses

Watching: How I Met Your Mother – Season 7

Eating: Eggs on toast

Wearing: A homewear satin shirt from The Editor’s Market

Drinking: Chocolate milk


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