To up your game, use these five influencer tips

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Theres always something new to learn in the world of content creation.


Vamp works with some of the best influencers in the game and here we’ve curated five top tips from some of them. Perfect if you’re just starting out or looking to improve your craft. 

Don’t be afraid to say no

A top tip from @alphaspotting is that you don’t have to say yes to every collaboration that comes your way, “I am fairly picky with the brands I associate with these days, you have to think long term.” says Mohammad.

Ensuring you choose the right brands to collaborate with is imperative, thinking long term and wanting your content to remain authentic for your followers should always be number one on your mind when a new collaboration opportunity arises.

Captions, captions, captions

We sense this next tip is one that people tend to forget about. @_ninasky believes understanding how to utilise your captions is so important, “I don’t know why some people don’t put any effort into them. To have the story that goes with the photo or video creates so much more connection. They’re definitely as important as the visual”.

A clever way to keep your followers engaged with your posts is to ask questions in your captions, this allows your followers to connect with you on a more personal level, especially if you reply to peoples comments.

Stay true to yourself

@samgraystyle‘s suggestion is one of our favourites; be true to yourself. “This is something I’ve always tried to stick by as I feel it’s extremely important when you’re trying to stand out from other influencers and build your own brand.”

Finding your own style and theme that you’re happy with is so rewarding. There is no point in trying to copy someone else’s ideas if you can’t make it your own; gaining inspiration from others is great but people will start to see through you if you’re not being genuine and authentic.

Put in what you want to take out

Important advice from @emily_hunt_ is put in what you want to take out, “Instagram is inundated with fakes… fake likes, fake followers, fake lives, fake waistlines.”

It’s hard for people to remember that everything people post online is just one small portion of their life that they want people to view, people only post the photos that they approve of. “Be honest and open about what you post online and feel proud of the real, amazing life you have created for yourself.”

Let go of the idea of perfection

Lastly, Connie Chan aka @whatshepictures has given some great direction if you’re juggling your normal 9-5 along with your side hustle; let go of perfection. “The market won’t wait for your perfection and if you wait too long, your chance in the market may pass you by.”

Everyone makes mistakes, they are inevitable. It’s impossible to never make one. It’s how you use those mistakes to improve and get one step closer to becoming the #boss you truly want to be.


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September 05, 2019

To up your game, use these five influencer tips