How Vamp influencer content drove hundreds of thousands of clicks

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Generating a $0.50 CPC for Dr.Ci:Labo Super White 377VC.


Objective: Driving social audiences to take action

Skin care brand, Dr.Ci:Labo wanted to encourage consumers to visit their stores in Singapore and Hong Kong to discover their brightening products and claim a free sample of Super White 377VC.

They partnered with Vamp influencers to drive awareness of the effects of a skin problem they call ‘Urban Darkening’ and promote their product Super White 377VC.

With their accessible relatability and loyal followings, influencers are highly effective in persuading their audiences to take action. They are also experts in mobile content creation, making them the collaborators for Dr.Ci:Labo.


Strategy: Amplifying original, high-quality content

Vamp executed a multi-tiered campaign across Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

Firstly, an influencer campaign generated awareness. 31 influencers created Instagram posts and Stories which shared their experience of the product and drove traffic to the ‘Urban Darkening’ assessment and Dr.Ci:Labo’s online bookings page.

In addition, five influencers created content which was not posted in feed and was instead edited together in a video. These influencers were chosen for their ability to create highly impactful video content.

Each creator spoke about their experience with Super White 377VC and their skin concerns related to the effects of ‘Urban Darkening’.

Finally, a paid media campaign amplified these campaign assets, driving further awareness among targeted audiences. As well as the mashup video, a social video ad was created by Vamp, using the influencer content. The aim was to further increase footfall to Dr.Ci:Labo stores across Hong Kong and Singapore, by targeting specific audiences across Facebook and Instagram.



Result: Hundreds of thousands of low cost clicks


The influencer campaign engagement beat industry averages. Social posts achieved an average of 3.3% engagement, while the average view rate for Stories was 6.4%, which is 64% above the beauty benchmark.

To protect standards and ensure results, Vamp has a closed community of influencers. The benefits are proven in this campaign, whereby 87% of the influencers’ engagement performed above the Instagram benchmark for beauty.


Vamp influencers were successful in driving 5,781 customers to the Urban Darkening Assessment page and converting 480 to the bookings page.


Targeted amplification

The Vamp-managed paid media campaign reached a further 413,904 people and resulted in 14,926 link clicks.

The engagement rate was almost 50x the retail average at 24.9%

This drove an impressively low cost per click of $0.50, 3.7X lower than the platform average. 

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August 20, 2019

How Vamp influencer content drove hundreds of thousands of clicks