TikTok partners with Vamp to drive downloads

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TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social platforms in the world, having been downloaded 1.2 billion times. They partnered with Vamp to drive app downloads in the UAE.


Reaching untapped audiences

TikTok’s goal was to reach new audiences, build excitement around the app and drive downloads.


Engaging content creators

Vamp identified creators in its community who had loyal Instagram followings and the ability to drive their followers over to TikTok. 26 influencers were asked to create a TikTok account and educate their followers through a progressive content series of 8 Instagram videos and Stories. They enticed their followers to download the app, encouraging them to recreate the challenges for themselves.

Authentic content

Challenges are one of the most popular forms of content on TikTok. Remaining authentic to this style, the influencers were briefed to complete a range of fun challenges.

Influencers filmed their content on TikTok and shared it across TikTok and Instagram, to give their Instagram followers a feel of the features available on the app.

They were given the freedom to adopt challenges that felt authentic to their Instagram’s account established style. For example, a fitness influencer (@lubzfitness1989), created a burpees challenge. This gave content the best chance of resonating with the individual followings.

Campaign success

A total of 61 Instagram posts and 154 Instagram Stories were created. They reached 8,099,036 people and drove 98,828 clicks to download the TikTok app.

Through engaging content and the influencers’ ability to drive conversation, the campaign delivered a strong total engagement rate of 5.3%

This campaign proved how loyal influencer’s followings are. Despite starting from scratch, some influencers had 9,000+ strong TikTok followings at campaign completion.

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August 14, 2019

TikTok partners with Vamp to drive downloads