Driving low-cost downloads for Adobe Lightroom

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Vamp amplified beautiful, original content from its creative community and achieved a cost per download seven times lower than the industry average.


Objective: appeal to creatives

Adobe wanted to increase awareness of Adobe Lightroom in the APAC region and drive downloads. Showcasing the potential of the software posed a challenge for Adobe, who needed to find a way to communicate its features effectively, in a crowded social scene. 


“Working with Vamp enables us to take our brand and tools to the masses, through their peers. Each content creator has their own unique storytelling style and that – coupled with strategic, paid amplification – has delivered amazing results, both in terms of installs and ongoing product engagement and usage.

 We continue to work with Vamp not only because of these results, but also due to their team’s diligence and understanding of the Adobe brand.”

Tully Burne, Photography Segment APAC, Adobe

Phase one: Influence

Social content creators are genuine users of Adobe software. They can showcase the features simply by providing before and after versions of their edits, or releasing tutorials of their work. Vamp connected Adobe to 37 content creators within their closed community to create content.

To tap into the engaged audiences of these creators, content was firstly shared in their Instagram feeds. In the captions, they shared their experience and drove to their Story content, which showed how the final creative was achieved through a tutorial.

The highest-performing talent achieved up to 39.5% engagement for their posts and up to a 99.8% competition rate for their Instagram Stories. Through links in their bios and in the ‘swipe up’ feature in Stories, they actively drove downloads.

Phase 2: Target

Armed with knowledge of the top-performing assets, Vamp then amplified the content in a paid media campaign. The goal was to reach social users around APAC, beyond those following the creators.

A core brand demographic of young creators interested in content editing was identified and targeted with boosted posts. These posts were shown in home feeds as if they had come from the content creator themselves, rather than Adobe, helping the ad to feel more native. Engaged users were retargeted in three phases to further encourage them to download.

Result: A hundred thousand downloads

Social content creators proved authentic and effective advocates of Adobe Lightroom. By the end of the campaign, the app had been downloaded 105,333 times. The cost per download was less than $1 and seven times lower than the industry average.

Amplifying influencer-created assets in a paid media campaign allowed Vamp to refine their strategy and use content they knew would resonate. In total, more than 21 million target customers were reached. This phase amplified the results of the campaign, driving further awareness and downloads, without the need for – or cost of – further content creation.


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August 05, 2019

Driving low-cost downloads for Adobe Lightroom