How Vamp achieved 2,007% return on ad spend for West Elm

Vamp West Elm campaign
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Return on ad spend is an essential metric for marketers measuring the impact of their campaign efforts. 


With quality content and a strategic approach, the returns on influencer content can be huge, as our campaign with West Elm proves.


Driving engagement and sales

Vamp collaborated with the homewares company to amplify awareness of their 2019 autumn collection, build engagement among their target customer base and drive online sales. The campaign’s two stage approach used two of our offers used in sequence, Vamp Create and Vamp Media.


Generating bespoke mobile content

For the creation stage, a handful of Vamp creatives were selected to generate content showcasing the seasonal range. Rather than being shared in their individual social feeds, Vamp transformed these bespoke assets into ad-ready formats. Instagram Stories, slideshows, vertical videos and collection formats were all chosen as high-performing mobile ad formats.



Targeted media placement

Once these ads had been created, they were placed into a paid media campaign strategised and executed by Vamp. There were four key objectives, with four strategies attached:

  1. Generate awareness
  2. Build engagement
  3. Increase buying intent
  4. Drive purchases

A three-phased strategy met these objectives: Firstly, targeting strategic audiences raised awareness amongst new customers. Secondly retargeting engagers drove them towards the website. Finally, purchases were driven through segmented retargeting, converting the engaged audience into customers.

More than half of marketers report that influencer content outperforms brand-created content. Its mix of relatable authenticity and high production value is powerful and resonates with even difficult-to-reach audiences. This was certainly the case in this campaign, whereby the original assets were amplified across Instagram and Facebook. The results achieved way above benchmarks:

  • Return on ad spend: $20.07 for every $1 spent

  • Average engagement rate of 21.6%, over 22.7x above the industry benchmark

  • 683,059 reach

  • 147,853 post engagements

  • $0.69 CPC

  • $0.05 CPE


“We are so pleased with the results of this campaign, delivering an impressive 2,007% ROAS for west elm. Our partnership with Vamp continues to drive enormous value for us, not only in terms of ROI, but from a resourcing perspective. I can always rely on the team at Vamp to produce compelling ad-ready content, and then to optimise media performance – ensuring success every time.” 

Chantal Jesson
Manager, PR & Brand Marketing, West Elm.


Despite these huge rewards, 59% of marketers say they are yet to repurpose influencer content in other marketing channels. Get in touch today to discover the potential for yourself.

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July 08, 2019

How Vamp achieved 2,007% return on ad spend for West Elm