Why a professional reputation is a creators’ secret to success

Why a professional reputation is a creators’ secret to success

A network of professional creatives is what keeps us ahead of the competition.

Unlike other platforms, the Vamp creator network is an exclusive invite-only affair. Ensuring every influencer has been accepted by us is one of the reasons big-name brand love us and keep returning for repeat campaigns.

Our content creators and their behaviour plays a huge role in this. High standards of professionalism do not go unnoticed. In fact, they ensure the campaign process runs smoothly, see you get paid quickly and make clients want to work with you again and again. We consider it a two way street, we bring you paid collaborations with the brands you love, and you keep to the the following commitments.

Yes means yes

We understand that you only want to take on brand partnerships that align with your values and audience. That’s why every paid opportunity is optional and requires you to opt in or out. To help you make the right decision, we give you all of the info upfront: timelines, products, key messages etc. We always recommend that you read this carefully as ‘opting in’ makes you contractually obliged as per our T&Cs (which you can brush up on here). If you say you’re in, the client falls in love with you and you change your mind, it puts us in a tricky situation and our professionalism in jeopardy. To keep bringing you collaborations with the best brands, we have to work together.

Know when to share

While we always work to ensure our influencers maintain as much creative control as possible, in some cases, client approval will be required before you post. This should all be clearly communicated and will be factored into campaign timelines. It’s essential our creators are patient and await brand approval if this is the case. Sharing before being given the go ahead puts both you and us in breach of contract.

Don’t be late

Posting deadlines are clearly communicated from the off so you can balance the opportunity against your existing commitments. If you’ve accepted a campaign, you need to post on time.

Content creation can be the start of a multiphase campaign which will be held up if you fail to meet your deadlines. Be honest with yourself about your capacity to complete the work on time and only make commitments you can keep.

Communication is key

We know things don’t always go to plan. Unexpected issues/ illness/ life can sometimes get in the way of our best intentions, but we can’t know this is happening to you unless you tell us. One of the great things about Vamp is that you can talk to a real person, not a bot. If you let us know that your circumstances have changed, we’re able to make the changes needed on our end, and manage our clients expectations. It helps us a bunch and protects you from gaining an unprofessional reputation with the client. If we message you, reply. Honesty is the best policy and communication is key.

As the content creation industry matures it’s important to maintain a professional reputation in order to continue your success and champion the reputation of the industry as a whole.

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