Achieving a 1,886% return on ad spend for Pottery Barn

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Vamp leveraged powerful influencer-created assets in a targeted campaign for repeat client, Pottery Barn.


Following Vamp Pottery Barn Summer campaign, whereby influencers created bespoke assets and shared them on their Instagram channels, Vamp developed a paid media strategy to amplify content through a three-phased approach. Designed to maximise e-commerce results, the campaign outperformed the industry benchmarks for both engagement and return on ad spend.


Objective: Drive awareness and sales through original content


✍️ Drive awareness amongst new audiences

✍️ Build engagement, website traffic and buying intent through retargeting

✍️ Drive online purchases

✍️ Use learnings and successful formats from the preceding Christmas campaign

✍️ Gain learnings and insights to inform future strategy



Strategy: Amplify content with a targeted media campaign


🎯 Six pieces of Vamp influencer-generated content were transformed into engaging ad-ready videos

🎯 A three-phased paid media campaign amplified these videos across Facebook and Instagram feeds and Stories. Vamp leveraged proven ad formats – vertical video, slideshow video, Stories, Collection format

🎯 Optimise most effective content and provide comprehensive post-campaign analysis



Results: Benchmark-beating ROI and engagement 


💰 The campaign reached 819, 906 target customers and 13, 543 clicked a link

💰 Through beautiful content transformed into ad-ready formats, the average engagement rate was 22.9%. That is 24.9x higher than the retail average on the platform

💰 The cost per engagement was $0.05

💰 Thanks to the high volume of sales created, return on ad spend was 1,886%. That is 12.3x higher than the digital marketing average 

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June 25, 2019

Achieving a 1,886% return on ad spend for Pottery Barn