Case study: Creating a street style icon with Converse One Star

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Converse partnered with Vamp influencers to promote their One Star sneakers.


The brand had relaunched their One Star sneakers with a campaign ‘Rated One Star’ in 2018. To grow and add an extra dimension this campaign, Converse partnered with Vamp influencers. Their main objectives were to build awareness within their core demographic, create high engagement with the One Star brand on social media – and ultimately make One Star the next street style icon. 


Fashion-forward influencers

Seven fashion influencers with a strong sense of style and who aligned with the One Star brand personality were selected. Talent recruited were different and disruptive, it was important that they were able to present One Star as a member of the streetwear and fashion community.


A multifaceted strategy

Each influencer was asked to create and Instagram post announcing their partnership with Converse, then take part in a ‘five ways to wear’ challenge, creating an Instagram album which could act as a look book. Each was also required to create an Instagram video and two Story sequences.


“Vamp has done a great job at helping deliver such a culturally relevant and engaging campaign throughout a mix of extremely high quality content and talents.

With an authentic and engaging story-telling, they have really manage to generate noise and positive sentiment for Converse and the One Star shoes in particular. ”

Thibault La Droitte

Influencer and Native Manager, Reprise


Results that outperformed benchmarks 


This campaign reached 4.3m people, exceeding the target by 160%. This overachievement can be partly contributed by the 30% increase in content delivered, over and above the brief. This indicates the influencers had a strong affinity to the brand and were genuinely excited about making content with their product.

The average engagement rate of 5.7% exceeded the target by 90%. That’s 519% higher than the fashion industry benchmark for Instagram posts, showing the audience responded positively to the high quality content.

The audience viewing Instagram Stories were equally engaged, 93% completed watching every frame.

The ‘five ways to wear’ challenge proved a highly engaging hook. The look book Instagram albums were the highest-engaged format. Their average engagement was 715% higher than the fashion industry benchmark.

In total there were 1,659 swipe ups on IG stories across the campaign. The swipe ups drove traffic to the Converse website, linking directly to the colour of One Star shoe that each particular influencer was promoting.


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April 03, 2019

Case study: Creating a street style icon with Converse One Star