Case study: How Boohoo engaged a Gen Z audience

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Fashion brand Boohoo partnered with Vamp to create content around their Australian Swim and Festival capsules and drive their audiences to their ecommerce website.


The challenge

Boohoo’s target consumer is 16 – 34, so predominantly Gen Z. The first generation of true digital natives, studies suggest they are reliant on reviews for purchasing decisions, having always had access to them. They’re also more willing to trust social influencers than celebrities and would rather see ‘real people’ in advertising. This made Instagram influencers the perfect choice for connecting with this customer.


The influencers

Vamp identified ten fashion-focused influencers from within their pool of pre-approved talent, who aligned with the brand and had followers within the target demographic.

The influencers were required to deliver Instagram posts and Instagram Stories showcasing the collections. Since one of the goals was drive customers to the ecommerce site, the swipe up function in Stories helped to smooth this transition.

To ensure authenticity, each influencer was able to choose looks in keeping with their style and promote them in a way that felt natural. This creative freedom is often rewarded with bonus content as influencers are more excited to create the content. The same was true in this campaign and a total of 8 pieces of bonus album content were delivered.



The results

The campaign overdelivered across the board in terms of results.

The campaign posts performed 458% above the industry benchmark for fashion (0.92%), while the Stories performed at 75%, above the industry benchmark (5.43%).

Ten influencers were able to achieve a total of 991 click throughs to the Boohoo website.

This outcome suggests a strong choice of content creators who close affinity with the brand allowed their posts to resonate with audiences. 90% of influencer posts had a higher engagement rate than the industry average for fashion. (0.92%)


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March 13, 2019

Case study: How Boohoo engaged a Gen Z audience