Inspirational Instagram accounts to follow for International Women’s Day

Social media can get a bad rap when it comes to its impact on our self esteem, but the eco system is home to thriving communities with positive and empowering messages. Keep the feel-good vibe of International Women’s Day going all year long with a daily dose of these influencers.



Who? A Sydney-based fashion influencer.

In her own words: “I want to be that friend that cheers you on when you’re having a bad body day. I want to give you outfit inspiration when mainstream media doesn’t prioritise your body type.”

Follow her for: Curvy body positivity, awesome outfit inspiration and bags of sass. 


Who? Nutrition Health Coach, mum and Creator of the Gratitude Gang and Health Hub.

In her own words: “Choose to be the girl today who’s cheering on other women…. we deserve each other’s support.”

Follow her for: Feel good quotes and an insight into bringing up two girls.


Who? A creative and founder of @chloejanecreative.

In her own words: “I just wanna eat pizza and make people realise how brilliant and brave and beautiful they are.”

Follow for: Colourful life affirming posts about taking it easy on yourself and IGTV videos sharing her insecurities and self acceptance.


Who? Self love queen, body positivity advocate and mum.

In her own words: “You can sit on the sidelines and judge yourself for the way you look or worry about what other people think of you, or you can get out there and enjoy life.”

Follow for: Candid shots of life with her son and honest captions about her separation. Plus some serious body-positive inspiration.




Who? A coach, creative and mum.

In her own words: “I coach women to build personal brands and businesses which allow them to live life on their own terms.”

Follow for: The story of her journey of transitioning from an anxiety-inducing city job to a job she loves. “You are always one decision away from a completely different life”.

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