How to master the knack of product placement

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As we already uncovered the differences between product placement and product endorsement in this article, here we given you some examples from previous campaigns with Vamp where members of the Vamp Collective truly mastered the knack of product placement and share some useful tips and tricks to help maintain authenticity.


With these photos we have two examples of fashion products placed authentically in the Influencers’ Instagram feeds. One is a fashion & lifestyle Influencer who posts frequent fashion content and the other is a tech/photographer whose feed only occasionally features fashion.

@twoinamillionblog is predominantly fashion and lifestyle so fashion shots are featured regularly in their feed. They have effective product placement because the photography is high quality and the lighting is bright and clean so the ASOS clothes featured in the image stand out clearly in the shot and sit authentically in their feed. By capturing the feeling of “stepping into something more comfortable”, the caption helps to place the product in the mind of their followers by inviting them to share in the feeling, rather than directly telling them to buy the products.

In contrast, @demasrusli does not typically categorise himself as a fashion blogger but the Uniqlo campaign photo sits authentically in his feed because its high calibre photography and dark, urban aesthetic is in line with what he usually posts. Demas’ photo for our recent campaign with Uniqlo is effective product placement. Demas’ technical editing skills give the photo the wow factor and tell an interesting visual story. The edited out torso of the body in the shot shows, rather than tells his audience that he recommends the jacket’s light-wearing feature. By aligning the Ultra-Down Light Vest product with his own highly creative, technically fascinating brand, he is creating a lens through which his followers can engage positively both with Uniqlo and the product.

Nothing beats that feeling when you step into something more comfortable @asos_au #AsSeenOnMe ?

A photo posted by TWO IN A MILLION (@twoinamillionblog) on


Beauty Influencers’ followers often look to them for honest product recommendations and advice on how to use different beauty products.  Here we have fashion & beauty Influencer @gemkwatts and travel, fashion & lifestyle Influencer @gmdavis posting about two different beauty products in a way that is authentic to them.

In @gemkwatts‘ post for the Rimmel London Magnif’eyes campaign she gives us a detailed description about how she applied the Shadow & Liner to her eyelids in her own authentic voice. Her beautiful demonstration of the product in her makeup selfie is in line with the aesthetic of her feed as she frequently shares her makeup looks with her followers.

@gmdavis‘ post for the Swisse skincare campaign sat very authentically in her feed because it is bright and colourful. Georgia frequently posts colourful flatlays of different lifestyle products so placing the Swisse Skincare range in a lifestyle flatlay with other items she might be using at the time gives us an authentic snapshot into how the product fits in naturally with her daily makeup routine.




These beautiful foodie shots for our recent Uncle Toby’s O&G campaign are a great example of how to feature food products creatively and authentically.

In @katnt‘s photo, she demonstrates the different ingredients that she adds to her O&G cereal to make it extra tasty. Her messaging about how she eats her O&G oats is personal and authentic; her tip about soaking her oats the night before to make them quicker to cook is a useful tip to engage her followers in the post. She also celebrates the campaign sentiment about starting the day happy in a subtle way with the “Nourish your Soul” message on the spoon.

@kimleow‘s photo features the O&G cereal box in a really subtle way, as a natural part of the “breakfast for two” scene she’s created. The beautiful complementary colour-play in the reds/pinks in the cereal box, flowers and fresh fruit helps the box to stand out against the white background without looking out of place in the image. The clean white lighting, white backgrounds and pink flowers are characteristic of her feed so this photo sits authentically within her Instagram as a whole too.


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July 21, 2016

How to master the knack of product placement